Payments in the palm of your hand – Android update 5.1

With the new Android 5.1 update you can now Accept online card and bank transfer payments on invoices with PayPal (if you have PayPal connect) and add CC and BCC options when you email your invoices.

Invoice Tracker update for those with Accept Payments with PayPal

For customers who have enabled the Accept Payments with PayPal integration you now turn on Accept Payment Online and allow your customers to pay you via PayPal, debit or credit cards.  Your Invoice Tracker will now be automatically updated, also if you’ve allowed push notifications on your device you’ll also receive a notification when you receive a payment from your customer.

1. Tap the android1 icon to email your invoice.


2. Tap the android3 button to turn on Accept Payment Online.  Then tap the android4 icon to send the email.


3. The Invoice Tracker will now update to Sent.


4. The Invoice Tracker will update to Viewed once your customer opens your email.


5. When your customer makes a partial or full payment the Tracker will be automatically updated to either Partially Paid or Paid.


Additionally, if you allow Push notifications on your device you’ll receive a notice when a payment has been received.


Not currently using Accept Payments with PayPal? Check out the following blog to find out how you can Get paid quicker with PayPal.

Include CC/BCC when emailing invoices

You can now add CC/BCC recipients when sending invoices, its simple, just follow the steps below.

1. While on an invoice tap the android1 icon.


2. Tap the android11 icon


3. Type in the email addresses of the recipients you wish to add to the invoice.


4. Tap the android14 icon.


Get the latest update on the Google Play store here.