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Android App Updates – work faster with QBO on the go


We know Aussie small businesses  want to finish tasks fast. One of the best ways to increase productivity is to get tasks done on the go with mobile apps like our newly updated Android app! This update's theme is all about being able to do more during some of the most common workflows. Creating an [...]

Match made in SMB heaven: QBO + payroll powered by KeyPay


At Intuit, we spend a lot of time collecting feedback from small businesses and their advisors to identify where the pain points are and how we can help. One of the key issues we've been hearing a lot about recently is payroll how time-consuming and stressful it can be, and how confusing compliance is. Time [...]

Awesome QuickBooks experience extends to mobile

According to a recent study we commissioned, three times as many Australian small businesses who tried Intuit QuickBooks Online and Xero had an excellent experience with us. Excellence is what we are always striving to deliver but it doesn't just stop at QuickBooks Online. It continues through to our awesome mobile apps which help you [...]
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Looking for something? Our Search is super


At Intuit, we know time is money for small businesses so we've ensured that in QuickBooks, finding the information you need is fast and easy and in fact, ease of use and speed were two things small biz users in a recent survey said they loved about QuickBooks Online. Here, our global Search element is [...]

Invoicing + speedy dates shortcuts


At Intuit, we know that time is money for small businesses so you need to get things fast (and this is something Aussie small businesses tell us we're great at by the way!) But here's the small biz paradox: everyone likes sending invoices, but no one likes creating them. To help make the whole thing [...]

QuickBooks finishes faster – especially with the power of shortcuts


Users tell us they love QuickBooks because its easy to use and fast. In fact, 77% of Aussie small businesses we surveyed agreed it was quick to complete tasks in QuickBooks Online, versus just 49% for Xero (find out more here!). Apart from the general design features and functions that help you get your work done [...]

Bookmark your QuickBooks pages for easy access!


One of the cool things about Intuit QuickBooks Online is that you can bookmark almost any page for quick access - including sales forms, lists, registers, and reports. Here's how to bookmark pages using the Chrome browser, but you can use any browser that QuickBooks supports. How to create a bookmark 1. Open the QuickBooks page [...]

Update: what’s new in QuickBooks this July


Another month means another stack of cool updates, all based on your feedback! Here's what's new... In weekly timesheets, an employee's billing rate now autofills when that employee is selected. Also dates appear under days (1), making it easy to see which week you're entering data for, and dollar subtotals appear per row (2), to show how much you're [...]

What’s new in QuickBooks this June


Here at Intuit, we're always on the lookout for ways to make our products even better so continuous improvement based on your feedback is what we're all about. So with that said, here's what's new for June! 1. New table layout features: Sort a table by a particular column. Hover over a column header and if [...]

AffinityLive live on QBO apps!

Posted in ADVISORS

More great news: AffinityLive has joined the Intuit QuickBooks Online app family here in Australia! We're really happy about this, and you will be too if you run an agency, consultancy, accounting firm, IT company or other business that cares about client billing and time tracking. AffinityLive gives QuickBooks users an all-in-one professional service automation [...]