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australia's minimum wage

How Does the Minimum Wage in Australia Compare?

Posted in MONEY

Have you ever wondered how the minimum wage in Australia compares to other countries? We take a look at how our rates stack up. Find out more here!
woman learning about tax brackets

What are Tax Brackets?

Posted in MONEY

Having a higher income doesn't necessarily mean you’ll take home less due to tax. Learn the ins and outs of tax brackets. Find out more here!

How to Survive Seasonality

Posted in MONEY

Seasonality affects most businesses and can impact your revenue. We've got some useful tips to help you season-proof your business. Find out more here.
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Equity Finance Calculator

3 Ways to Avoid Cash Flow Woe

Posted in MONEY

Many businesses suffer from major cash flow woes – make sure you’re not one of them with our handy hints for taking control of your incomings and outgoings.

What’s the ROI from Going Mobile?

Posted in MONEY

Discover how you can substantiate a return on investment (ROI) on mobile investments and calculate the true worth of mobile devices.

5 Tips to Help Grow Your Business

Posted in MONEY

Growing your business from a small operator to a big-time company isn't easy. Here are five tips to sharpen your skills and grow your business.

Survival Strategies for Cash-strapped Businesses

Posted in MONEY

Need to engage in a little belt-tightening? Here are some suggestions for how to get your business's cashflow back into harmonious balance.

Cost Control Versus Spending: Finding the Perfect Balance

Posted in MONEY

What needs to be done to achieve a balance between cost cutting and spending to maximise your output?

ATO Holding Free Small Business Workshops This August

Posted in MONEY

The Australian Tax Office is currently holding a series of free workshops around Australia to help small businesses navigate the world of tax.

What To Do If You File Your Business Tax Return Late

Posted in MONEY

While it's not ideal to lodge your business tax returns late, here are some tips that may help minimise any interest or penalties for late lodgment.