How to Bring Out the Best in Your Workers


People are the most important asset of any business. That may be true, but getting your staff to perform to their full potential doesnt happen by accident. There is a lot of work involved for the business it has to ensure that every employee is in the right job, has the right tools to perform and is encouraged and rewarded along the way.

Give Staff the Power to Achieve

For workers to really excel, they have to be in a position to effect real change. Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz said, “[Employees] want to be given responsibility to help solve the problem, and the authority to act on it." That means being free to make informed decisions and having accountability to lead projects and other assignments.

With appropriate training and guidance, empowerment policies can help turn a businesss staff from simple transactional agents into long-term thinkers who can help guide the organisation to much greater heights.

Supply the Right Tools

If employers want staff to perform at the highest levels, they also need to make sure they have access to the tools and technology required to do their job. You wouldnt hire a three-hat chef and ask them to work in a fast-food kitchen, just as you wouldnt invest in a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant and staff it only with inexperienced engineers.

There are also tools, such as QuickBooks Online, to help staff with the basic, administrative tasks required of any business, giving them more time and headspace to concentrate on the strategies and actions that will improve the wider organisation.

This philosophy also extends to staff training. The continual development of employees should be seen as a natural cost of employment, albeit one with the reward of improved performance and the ability of staff to grow with the business and potentially lead it into the future.

Acknowledge a Job Well Done

The final tip costs very little, if any, money and has no risk attached. But it has the potential to be the most impactful on productivity and staff retention. Recognising good work and showing appreciation to staff is an essential part of doing business. Recognition can be as simple as a public thank you or well done. It reinforces positive behaviours and builds a connection between staff and the business, so that employees are invested in the results of their work.

Everything at Once

It is important to recognise that these tips are best applied in tandem. Getting the best out of employers is about adapting the mindset that helping staff with their jobs has benefits for both the individuals involved and the business as a whole.

The long-term rewards of fully engaged workers not only outweighs the invested cost, time and effort, but will make your employees more effective and will increase business productivity.