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Mobile statistics: How do Australians use mobile?

by Intuit Australia

0 min read

If you’re an Australian entrepreneur, you can’t afford to ignore mobile technology.

A 2014 global study into the use of mobile technologies by IDG Global Solutions, which surveyed more than 23,500 executives and consumers across 43 countries, confirms that mobile technology is staging a takeover.

For business owners, it should be a wake-up call to look at how mobile-friendly your website, content and calls to action are.

According to IDG, 40 per cent of respondents had replaced either their desktop or laptop computer with a tablet device, and 50 per cent of respondents used a tablet device to read newspapers.

There’s also been a dramatic increase in mobile video consumption: 74 per cent of consumers used a smartphone to watch online videos, compared with 61 per cent in 2012. Plus, 87 per cent of tablet owners used their device to watch online video.

So, how do Australians use mobile and are we keeping up with these international trends? The AIMIA Australian Mobile Phone Lifestyle Index offers a snapshot…

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